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Line of Duty: The Assault (S1EP2 BBC 3 Jul 2012)



Picture of Line of Duty The Assault.

The Assault: Having been duped into covering up Jackie's crime, Gates is desperate to sever ties with her. But, as Arnott and Fleming close in on his secret, Gates is plunged into an even more dangerous situation than he first thought.

guest cast
Dylan Duffus as Wesley Duke
Neet Mohan as PC Simon Bannerjee
Gregory Piper as Ryan Pilkington
Gina McKee as Jackie Laverty
Elisa Lasowski as Nadzia Wojcik
Fiona Boylan as WPC Karen Larkin

Director: David Caffrey

Original Airdate: 3 Jul 2012
Series: Line of Duty Season 1 Episode 2