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Loaded: Josh’s Mum and Dad (Channel 4 22 May 2017 with Morwenna Banks)



Loaded Channel 4 2017

Josh’s Mum and Dad: The boys pitch Casey (Mary McCormack) their idea for a new game. Unimpressed, she decides to conduct a full and brutal ‘personnel audit’ to review what exactly each of them does for the company. In the case of Leon (Samuel Anderson), the results are less than clear. Watto’s (Nick Helm) addictions begin to manifest themselves in peculiar ways. And Josh (Jim Howick) gets distracted when his parents return early from the cultural world trip he gifted them.

His mum Linda (Morwenna Banks) has had her eyes opened. Maybe just a little too wide. With a tattoo and a new set of teeth, she’s looking at a bright new future; one that may or may not involve Josh’s dad Jeff (Simon Day). Josh sets out on a guilt ridden-quest to save his parents’ relationship, enlisting ‘surrogate son’ Leon’s help with less-than-helpful consequences.

Writer: Jon Brown
Producer: Charlie Leech
Director: Ian Fitzgibbon
Executive Producers: Howard Burch, Avi Nir, Muli Segev, Assaf Harel, Jon Brown, Polly Leys, Kate Norrish
Production Company: Hillbilly Television and Keshet Productions UK in co-prod with AMC Studios

Series: Loaded Season 1 Episode 3 (of 8)
Air Date: Monday 22 May 2017
Time Slot: 10.00pm-10.30pm on Channel 4