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Loaded: Watto’s Mum (Channel 4, 29 May 2017, with Michael Brandon)



Loaded Watto's Mum

The comedy drama about friendship, ambition and gluttony… and the peculiar British distaste for other people’s success and how money can put even life-long friendships to the test, continues.

In Watto’s Mum, Watto (Nick Helm) is ecstatic when his errant mum Pauline (Julia Deakin) arrives back on the scene, seemingly oblivious to her son’s multimillion pound fortune and claiming to have made one all of her own.

The Gang are initially impressed. But Ewan’s (Jonny Sweet) growing suspicions lead him to stage an intervention that goes horribly awry. Casey (Mary McCormack) announces that her boss ‘the Emperor’ (Michael Brandon) is flying to London specifically to hear Josh (Jim Howick) and Leon’s (Samuel Anderson) pitch for the new game. Casey’s rattled when she learns that they have nothing to pitch, but Abi (Aimée-Ffion Edwards) surprisingly saves the day.

Watto, desperate to keep his mum at close quarters, does everything he can think of to make her stay.

Writer: Georgia Pritchett
Producer: Charlie Leech
Director: Natalie Bailey
Executive Producers: Howard Burch, Avi Nir, Muli Segev, Assaf Harel, Jon Brown, Polly Leys, Kate Norrish
Production Company: Hillbilly Television and Keshet Productions UK in co-prod with AMC Studios

Series: Loaded Episode 4 (of 8)
Air Date: Monday 29 May 2017
Time Slot: 10.00pm-10.45pm on Channel 4