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Location, Location, Location: Episode 2 (Wednesday 23 November 2022 Channel 4)




Today Wednesday 23 November 2022 the show Location, Location, Location airs an episode called Episode 2 on Channel 4

In this episode, Kirstie and Phil visit two sets of first-time homebuyers in Manchester who are both engaged and eager to find their first residences before their wedding bells ring. Even our dynamic duo has trouble keeping up with the pace of real estate in this race against time market.

Robyn and Alice, two recent graduates who are extremely intelligent, are fighting a losing battle to find a starter apartment or, even better, a traditional “Corrie” redbrick home. Kirstie is with them. There are unexpected visits to neighbours’ homes, gasps of delight at the deals being offered, and surprises concealed within the very walls during this winding search.

With a little assistance from Kirstie’s “vision goggles,” Robyn and Alice can decide whether the traditional terrace they believe they want is preferable to a larger apartment. Steph and Christopher, who have been outbid ten times, are stomping the same hot spots in Didsbury and Chorlton as Phil, and some of the properties they had made offers on ended up selling for £50,000 more than the asking price.

Finding the properties isn’t as difficult, but getting a deal done before “best and finals” is proving to be very difficult. To put Steph and Christopher in a position where they can compete in a market that is fleeing, Phil must draw on his decades of experience.

Airdate: Wednesday 23 November 2022 at 9.00pm on Channel 4.

Season 38 Episode 2

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4