Logan’s Run: Pilot (CBS 16 Sep 1977, with Randy Powell)

Logan's Run Series

In the pilot episode of Logan’s Run, set in a future world that has been devastated by nuclear war forcing people to live in a domed city, sandman (basically a police officer) Logan is approaching the age of 30 when he will be sent to the “Carousel” for renewal. Logan is questioning whether renewal really exists or people just die. When he meets Jessica, an outlaw runner, she tells him that sanctuary (a place where people can live to old age) is real and his mind is made up. Together the pair escape the domed city and embark on a quest to find sanctuary.

The highly naive Francis 7 has his eyes well and truly opened when he is summoned to see the elders. The old men who rule the city tell him that there is no rebirth and the whole carousel system is a way to keep the population at a sustainable level. The elders wants Francis 7 to bring back Logan and Jessica to make an example of them and prove that there is no sanctuary. As a tempter they offer him a place on the council of elders.

Once outside the dome Logan and Jessica discover that the air is breathable and quiickly find a ruined building to take shelter in. The next day they are almost caught by Francis 7 and two other Sandmen. But thanks to an old solar powered vehicle they find they are able to make an escape.

Logan and Jessica then come across a group called The Riders who take people as slaves. Fleeing from the riders the pair come across a large group of people who are living in an underground complex in fear of the riders. Matters get complicated when a young girl is kidnapped by the riders and then Jessica when she gives chase. When the underground people refuse to help Logan mounts a one man rescue mission. Luckily his special laser gun seems to have quite a few different settings including a freeze type one. When he is able to free the prisoners they mount a revolt, at the same time the leaders of the underground society also arrive.

Having freed the underground people from the tyranny of the riders and given them a home above ground once more Logan and Jessica move on. Their next stop is a somewhat weird and culty society that is ruled over by the masters who turn out to be long dead skeletons. When Jessica and Logan try to escape they discover that the members of the society are in fact robots programmed to be the ultimate servants – they are also very unwilling to let the pair leave. Again trying to escape the pair meet Rem who is in charge of fixing the robots. He agrees to help them escape but before they can make it back to their vehicle they find Francis 7 waiting for them. Luckily the robots also turn up and capture Francis 7 and Co. Jessica and Logan are then somewhat shocked to discover that Rem is in fact an android, a next generation robot. When they are then able to make their escape they decide to take Rem with them anyway.

The opening scenes feature quite a few shots from the movie, especially the large scale Carousel scenes. Essentially this opening episode is a remake of the movie but moving things along a whole lot quicker. Logan and Jessica have escaped the dome with ten minutes and by the twenty minute mark have reached an area that used to be known as “Washington.” This was the site of Sanctuary in the movie. With Francis and the other sandmen on their trail Logan and Jessica are forced to try and keep one step ahead of them. The whole episode is basically a trio of three separate stories.

production details
USA / CBS / 1×75 minute episode / Broadcast 16 September 1977

Writers: William F. Nolan, Saul David, Leonard Katzman / Director: Robert Day

Series: Logan’s Run Season 1 Episode 1

Gregory Harrison as Logan
Heather Menzies as Jessica
Donald Moffat as Rem
Randy Powell as Francis
Lina Raymond as Siri
Keene Curtis as Draco
Wright King as Jonathon
E.J. Andre as Martin
Morgan Woodward as Morgan
Ron Hajek as Riles
J. Gary Dontzig as Akers
Anthony De Longis as Ketcham
Cal Haynes as Rider #3
Mary Hamill as Marianne
Ted Markland as Karlin
Sandy McPeak as Rider #4
Kimberly La Page as Leanna
Patrick Gorman as David
Gilbert Girion as Man
Marvin Dean Stewart as Paine
Michael Biehn as Sandman
Mary Ball as Woman
Gary Charles Davis as Barry

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