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Long Lost Family: Episode 2 (S10EP2 ITV Mon 25 Jan 2021)



This week features two stories of missing relatives found much closer than the searchers could ever have imagined.

Our first story is of a mother who’s never got over the decision made for her 50 years ago – to have her first-born child adopted. Pauline Pedder became pregnant when she was just a schoolgirl in Huddersfield. Now 65, she’s longing to find her daughter, who she’s never forgotten. When Long Lost Family takes up the search, an unprecedented twist reveals that Pauline’s daughter lives in Huddersfield, has been doing her own investigations into her past and knows much more about her birth mother than expected.

Meanwhile in Blackpool, trainee nurse Donna Cowell’s life has been overshadowed by fears of what happened to her younger brother. Having grown up in the care system and had a difficult childhood, Donna turns to Long Lost Family to find out whether her brother avoided the same fate. But what she never could have guessed is that her brother turns out to be living just round the corner from her.

Airdate: Mon 25 Jan 2021 at 9.00pm on ITV

Season 10 Episode 2