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Long Lost Family: What Happened Next: 502 (S5EP2 ITV Mon 13 Jul 2020)



In our second episode we follow reunited siblings, Geoffrey Tonks and Barbara Jacobs as they investigate a family mystery and try to trace a missing sister.

Geoffrey, was the product of a war time affair and spent his early years in Barnardo’s. Before Barbara asked the Long Lost Family team to find him, he had never met a single blood relative. His unhappy childhood meant he had no desire to learn about his past, ‘You don’t look back’.

In ‘What Happened Next’, we discover that the success of his close relationship with Barbara has completely changed Geoffrey’s thinking. He has become an avid detective, looking into his own history and discovering things about his father he could never have dreamed of. What’s more, in the course of his investigation Geoffrey finds evidence of another sister on his father’s side. That’s when he calls in the Long Lost Family team to help …

Our second story catches up with Robert Lindsay who approached us over 4 years ago to trace his Croatian father Mladen Durdevic. In ‘What Happened Next’, Robert explores the difficulties of building a father/son relationship so late in life, and becoming close while living thousands of miles apart.

Our third story catches up with reunited siblings Nicholas Rhoades and Cayley Cox. Although only a year has passed since they met for the first time, Nick and Cayley have already experienced an enormous amount together, from family weddings to family tragedy. They reveal how the strength of their sibling bond has helped them deal with the highs and lows of family life.

Airdate: Mon 13 Jul 2020 at 9.00pm on ITV

Season 5 Episode 2