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Looking For Rembrandt Episode 2 airs Tues 16 Apr on BBC Four



The second of three episodes begins with the painting of Rembrandt’s most iconic work – The Night Watch.

We explore how events surrounding its creation began a 10-year decline in the artist’s painterly output, with his attention diverted to creating erotically-charged etchings inspired by a series of affairs.

With a reputation as the city’s notorious marital embarrassment, and unable to manage his debts, Rembrandt declared bankruptcy – an act that came to define him even in the centuries after his death.

Looking for Rembrandt (3×60) is a BBC Arts programme for BBC Four, produced by Matchlight Productions. Emma Cahusac, Commissioning Editor, BBC Arts. Written and directed by Tim Niel, the Executive Producer is Ross Wilson.

Pictured: Tico Siefert, Senior Curator of Northern European Art Scottish National Gallery

Airdate: Tuesday 16 April 2019 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC FOUR

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