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Lost Treasure Tombs Of The Ancient Maya Premieres Sun 26 Sep on Channel 4



Lost Treasure Tombs of the Ancient Maya follows archaeologists as they search for clues to how the Maya lived and what happened to them.

With exclusive access we follow a team using muon imaging – a revolutionary technique harnessing particles from space – to scan for a royal tomb inside a 1200-year-old temple. Another team digs into a lakebed to search for clues to why the Maya abandoned their magnificent cities.

In the first of two episodes, the team arrive at Copán in Honduras to begin their scanning attempt. At Palenque in Mexico, we examine one of the most magnificent royal burials ever found, while in Tikal in Guatemala, experts use lidar to reveal the true scale of Maya kingdoms. Using stunning CGI and unique access to excavations across three countries, Lost Treasure Tombs of the Ancient Maya makes real breakthroughs in our understanding of what happened to this fascinating civilisation.

Airdate: Sunday 26 September 2021 at 8.00pm on Channel 4