Love In Zion National: A National Park Romance (Hallmark Saturday May 20, 2022)



Love In Zion National

Love In Zion National: A National Park Romance airs Saturday May 20, 2022 on Hallmark.

A set of Anasazi wedding vases was recently donated to the Denver Museum of Natural History, where Lauren (Cindy Busby) is the assistant curator. However, not everyone shares Lauren’s enthusiasm for the gift.

Grady Hollingston (Bourke Floyd, “The Locksmith”), the donor’s great-nephew, plans to challenge the legitimacy of the gift on the grounds that his great aunt lacked the legal authority to part with such priceless heirlooms. Based on the vases’ design, Lauren is convinced that there is a fourth vase missing from the set, and that if she can locate it in Zion National Park, she will have a strong argument for reclaiming the vases for the Pueblo people.

She visits the park and strikes up a conversation with Adam Proudstar (David Gridley), a local ranger and native Puebloan. Adam is dubious of Lauren’s intentions at first, but eventually agrees to help her look for the missing vase. When they get there, they find that Hollingston has already begun his own search. Lauren and Adam, despite their growing feelings for one another, are devastated to learn that they have failed and are out of time together. However, a revelation of a family secret provides hope that all is not lost.

“Love in Zion National: A National Park Romance” is from Johnson Production Group. Timothy O. Johnson and Joseph Wilka are executive producers. Robert Ballo serves as producer along Robin Conly is co-producer. Sam Irvin directed from a script by Bryar Freed and Jacob Cooney and a story by Conly.

Love In Zion National: A National Park Romance airs Saturday May 20, 2022 at 8.00pm on Hallmark

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