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Love Story: A Man Alone (S6EP4 ITV 25 Jul 1968, Dennis Waterman, T.P. McKenna)



In A Man Alone, Dennis Waterman plays pop star James L. Roscoe who is struggling to come to terms with his new found fame having left his working class roots behind. He is living a solitary life that, without him truly realising it, is controlled by his manager Ernest. Arriving home from a gig he finds that a young girl, Charlotte, has managed to sneak in…

An ahead of it’s time script from David Hopkins here, pop stars were no longer just short lived commodities and the story line features themes that would be touched upon several years later in David Essex starring Stardust as well as early 1980’s drama No Excuses.

A Man Alone was probably one of the first instances of Dennis Waterman contributing original music to a show he was involved in, He wrote all of the music heard in the play, he would usually either writer or sing (or often both) the theme tune to his shows (On The Up, Stay Lucky etc).

classic quote
“You’re a fan, aren’t you? One of my fans. I work hard. I deserve my privacy – after I walk off the stage nobody has a claim on me. Nobody has ever been in this house before… not since I bought it. Nobody. Nobody… except Ernest.”

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 25 July 1968

Series: Love Story Season 6 Episode 4

Writer: John Hopkins / Production Design: Michael Eve / Songs: Dennis Waterman / Musical Associate: Kenny Powell / Director: John Nelson Burton

Dennis Waterman as James
T.P. McKenna as Ernest
Philippa Gail as Charlotte