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Love Story: Ensign to the Cannon Proud (S8EP3 ITV Wed 9 Apr 1969, Andre Morell, Jennifer Daniel)



Love Story Ensign to the Cannon Proud ITV 1969 Jennifer Daniel Basil Moss

In Ensign to the Cannon Proud, Lt Andrew Ordward, R.N. has the sea in his blood as the son of a naval chaplain and godson of an admiral. As far as marriage goes it is expected that he will marry captain’s daughter Miss Regan Powell. Ordward has his own ideas – he has fallen for a girl called Ilka Muller. The only problem is she is the sister of a German Navy officer and the marriage could be considered a security risk.

With World War II still a living memory for most of the viewing audience this would have touched a chord for many. The TV Times of the week had a feature that was headlined “would you let your daughter marry a German?”

Basil Moss who plays Lt Ordway is not a well remembered name these days but scored a few high profile roles in the 1960’s especially a long running role in BBC soap Compact (1963-1965). Co-star Jennifer Daniel also had a long career from the 1950’s onward, mostly supporting roles or guest star roles with a few leading parts in the mid sixties in fare such as Francis Durbridge thriller A Man Called Harry Brent (1965). Andre Morell who plays , also had a long film and TV career. His first TV credit dates back to 1938 with a BBC play version of Pride and Prejudice but he became a genre icon playing Professor Bernard Quatermass in the BBC version of Nigel Kneale’s Quatermass and the Pit.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 9 April 1969 at 10.45pm

Series: Love Story Season 8 Episode 3

Writer: Manus Hardy / Production Design: Richard Lake / Director: John Cooper

Basil Moss as Lt Andrew Ordway
John Horsley as Rear-Admiral Richard Smythe
Jennifer Daniel as Ilka Muller
Andre Morrell as The Reverend Roderick Ordway
John Line as Lt-Cmdr Stephen Barr
Sandra Bryant as Pamela Regan-Powell
Harry Davis as Wardroom Hall Porter
Sabina Michael as Mrs Smythe
Murray Hayne as Blackie
Penny Service as Sheila
Patrick Milner as Bosun’s Mate