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Love Story: Kippers and White Wine (S10EP11 ITV Wed 14 Mar 1973, Paul Daneman, Vivien Heilbron)



In Kippers and White Wine, Alan and Jenny are perfectly happy living together. They have made the decision have no children – but one half of the couple may have changed their mind.

Michael Gambon and Caroline John (best known to Doctor Who fans for her time on the series as companion Liz Shaw but she was a TV regular from the 1960’s onwards) are in strong supporting roles whilst star Paul Daneman had become something of a household name thanks to a starring role in popular sitcom Never A Cross Word (1968-1970) and was also currently appearing in BBC Wartime drama series Spy Trap. Co-star Vivien Heilbron was notching up quite a few guest star roles at this time, her best known role was that of Detective Sergeant Louise Colbert on BBC crime drama Target.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 14 March 1973 at 9.00pm

Series: Love Story Season 10 Episode 11

Writer: John Lucarott / Production Design: Tony Waller / Director: Antony Kearey

Paul Daneman as Alan
Vivien Heilbron as Jenny
Michael Gambon as Paul
Caroline John as Babs
Patricia Mort as Helen
Jenny Till as Janine
Susan Field as Nurse