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Love Story: S… For Sugar, A… For Apple, M… For Missing (S6EP2 ITV Thurs 4 Jul 1968, Barry Foster)



In S… For Sugar, A… For Apple, M… For Missing Dee and Kelly find their burgeoning relationship tested when Dee loses a lighter that belonged to her former lover. Freelance designer Kelly had met Dee at a book launch and is more than a little surprised at the vociferousness of Dee’s reaction to the loss of the lighter.

Author Jeri Matos was American but was based in the UK, this was her second ITV play having written Horse of A Different Colour in 1967 for an ATV anthology series called Trapped. In a reverse of that Elizabeth Shepherd who played Dee had moved to New York with husband Barry boys and was commuting back when work required it.

Director James Ferman is best known for his long term (1975-1999) role as sometimes controversial Director of the British Board of Film Classification. New York born he was also a theatre and TV director before that.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 4 July 1968

Series: Love Story Season 6 Episode 2

Writer: Jeri Matos / Production Design: Richard Lake / Director: James Ferman

Elizabeth Shepherd as Dee
Barry Foster as Kelly
Tommy Godfrey as Taxi Driver
Victor Platt as Police Sergeant
Dido Plumb as Tramp
Henry Stamper as Q.4.
Alan Caister as Croupier
Brian Murphy, Ian Talbot, Anna Louise Caxton, Henry Stamper, Martin Pilcher, Kenneth McReddie, Anna Michaels as Party Guests