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Love Story: Second Partner (S11EP6 ITV Tues 8 Jan 1974, Robert Hardy, Angela Browne)



Love Story Second Partner ITV 1974 Robert Hardy Angela Browne

In Second Partner, the final entry in the Love Story anthology series, advertising executive Alec is on his second marriage. His wife Chris, a stay at home mum, feels less than secure in their relationship, some of it due to the constant comparison with Alec’s first wife who has her own successful career and some of it due to the fact that she is home alone with the children whilst Alec works. Matters come to a head when Lucy, a glamorous friend of Alec’s and his first wife Sians, spends the weekend with them. Chris is convince she is a threat to her marriage.

A strong cast in this final story in the series is led by the always excellent Robert Hardy, still a few years away her from his career defining role in All Creatures Great and Small. Angela Browne was a TV regular throughout the 1960’s and 70’s but had given up on screen work by the late 80’s. Likewise Barbara Jefford was a TV regular from the sixties onward but had in fact made her debut in a 1952 production of Tess of the D’Urbervilles, playing Tess. Tina Heath who plays daughter Jacky was making some good career inroads at the time, with the lead role in both Lizzie Dripping and Look and Read story Cloud Burst. Heath would go to be a Blue Peter presenter, famously becoming the first serving present to be pregnant on the show.

The TV Times of the week had a feature written by Stephen Vizinczey, author of the best seller In Praise of Older Women. The article touched on some the plays themes of jealousy but on the whole wasn’t really about the play but more about how jealousy can destroy relationships.

Love Story Second Partner ITV 1974

Angela Browne and Robert Hardy with baby Christian Hinchcliffe.

There was also a small feature on Christian Hinchcliffe, the baby in the play. Star Angela Browne had hoped her own son Damien would play the part but at 15 months old was a little too old.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 8 January 1974 at 9.00pm

Series: Love Story Season 11 Episode 6

Writer: Noel Robinson / Production Design: Ray White / Director: Lionel Harris

Robert Hardy as Alec
Angela Browne as Chris
Barbara Jefford as Lucy
Lucy Appleby as Diana
Tina Heath as Jacky
Stephen Wright as Peter
Christian Hinchcliffe as Baby