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Love Story: The Dolly Spike (S8EP4 ITV Wed 16 Apr 1969, Francis Matthews, Adrienne Posta)



Love Story The Dolly Spike ITV 1969 Francis Matthews Adrienne Posta

In The Dolly Spike naive Judy gets a job as assistant to the fashion editor on a national newspaper. Her boyfriend is convinced that she will find herself corrupted by the world of Fleet Street. Judy quickly makes her presence felt, her new boss Ariadne finds her charming, features editor Ludovic finds himself preoccupied by her charms. Soon office gossip is spreading like wildfire.

Quite the well known cast for this one, South African born Moira Lister who plays Ariadne, was given a three page feature in the week’s TV Times. In 1951 she married into French Aristocracy becoming the wife of Jacques Gachassin-Lafite, Viscount of Orthez and although she moved to Monte Carlo she still continued to act in the UK (albeit with less frequency from the 1970’s onward) with lots of prominent roles right through until her death in 2007. When this Love Story was made she had recently been starring in popular sitcom The Very Merry Widow.

Francis Matthews who played the smooth Ludovic was also riding high at the time, also appearing in popular BBC crime drama Paul Temple. Gorgeous Cyd Hayman makes a small appearance as a model, she was just about to become highly popular thanks to a main role in world war II set drama series Manhunt. Adrienne Posta, who plays Judy, was only 20 here but was already a veteran having been acting since childhood.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 16 April 1969 at 10.45pm

Series: Love Story Season 8 Episode 4

Writer: June Gaskell / Production Design: Trevor Paterson / Director: June Wyndham-Davies

Adrienne Posta as Judy
Moira Lister as Ariadne
Francis Matthews as Ludovic
Geoffrey Palmer as Oliver
Graham Armitage as Photographer
Cyd Hayman as Model
Colin Bell as Boyfriend
Arthur Pentelow as Editor
Christine Ozanne as Agnes
Geoffrey Palmer as Oliver
Brian McDermott as Assistant editor
Joseph Wise as Chemist
Richard Allen as Publican
Darryl Kavann as Sub-editor