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Love Story: The Proposal (S7EP4 ITV Wed 31 Dec 1968, Barry Evans, Vickery Turner)



Love Story The Proposal ITV 1968 Barry Evans Vickery Turner

In The Proposal Flora is struggling with her role at Teacher Training College, she is not enjoying it in the slightest and her work experience out in the field, teaching a group of difficult adolescents is hardly filling her with joy. She knows that this is not what she wants to do with her life, maybe getting married would be a way out. If only she could find someone to marry her.

There is a fabulous cast of up and coming talent appearing here. Barry Evans would soon go on to household name status thanks to the success of sitcom Doctor in the House, whilst Stephanie Beacham was scoring a few strong guest appearances in shows such as The Saint and Public Eye it was 1971’s The Nightcomers co-starring with Marlon Brando that made her name. Lots of starring roles in TV followed most notably daytime drama Marked Personal (1974), Tenko in the early 1980’s and Connie in 1985. She would also go to star in Dynasty spin off The Colbys.

The same could be said for Robert Powell, he had scored a few roles, not least an appearance in iconic movie The Italian Job but it would be strong role in BBC cult drama Doomwatch in 1070 that would take his career to the next level. Funnily enough Vickery Turner, who has the main role of Flora, was the most well known then but least well known now. In 1968 she starred in the movie Prudence and the Pill. In 1969 she married American actor Warren Oates. They divorced in 1974 and she later married US actor Michael Shannon.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 31 December 1968 at 10.30pm

Series: Love Story Season 7 Episode 4

Writer: John Hall / Production Design: Peter Roden / Director: Peter Cregeen

Vickery Turner as Flora
Barry Evans as Dan
Stephanie Beacham as Celia
Robert Powell as Richard
Marion Mathie as Shelley
Wallace Campbell as Jack Straw
Julian Herington as Radcliffe-Grant
James Wardrope as Waddington
David Mayberry as Anderson
David Auker as Anderson’s Henchman
Jacqueline Dodman as Vera
Julie Booth as Jill
Beverley Atkins as Trudy
Darryl Read as Bertie
Roger Shepherd as Lumbourne
Ricki Martine as Nicholas
Lorain Bertorelli as Joan Matt
Elizabeth Digby-Smith as The Warden
Isabel Metliss as The Waitress
Nicholas Ransden as Guitar Player