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Love Story: The String-Tying Machine (S11EP2 ITV Tues 27 Nov 1973, Billy Hamon, Cheryl Hall)



Love Story The String Tying Machine ITV 1973 Billy Hamon

In The String-Tying Machine young Brian is a string-tying machine salesman. At the factory where he is trying to sell a machine he meets factory worker Terry. She is keen on him and he on her but both seem to have problems making the first move. Once Brian has made the sale he won’t need to call at the factory again, Terry’s co-workers realise what is going on and set out on a little match-making.

Star Billy Hamon was notching up quite a few strong guest appearance roles at the time and was well known for appearing for the “I’m only here for the beer” commercials that were airing at the time for Ind Coope’s Double Diamond. He had also been appearing in Please Sir! as one of the second batch of unruly school kids following the departure of 5C. His biggest role was the lead in well remembered teen drama The Siege of Golden Hill but by the late 80’s his acting career had all but finished instead he switched to scriptwriting (he had written for kids show Pipkins in it’s early days and went on to write for shows such as Eastenders and Soldier Soldier.)

Cheryl Hall also had a successful career during the 1970’s and 80’s, still best known for her role as Wolfie’s girlfriend in Citizen Smith.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 27 November 1973 at 9.00pm

Series: Love Story Season 11 Episode 2

Writer: Susan Pleat / Production Design: Michael Bailey / Director: Desmond McCarthy

Billy Hamon as Brian
Cheryl Hall as Terry
Julie May as Marie
Christine Hargreaves as Beryl
Jefrey Segal as Mr Taylor
Jimmy Gardner as Mr Garwood
Renu Setna as Landlord
Alan David as Mr Snelling
Colin Pilditch as Dave
Louise Hall Taylor as Shop Assistant