MacGyver: Cigar Cutter (CBS 14 Apr 2017, with David Dastmalchian)


In season one finale Cigar Cutter, Murdoc moves forward with his plans for revenge against MacGyver by recruiting his recently released former cellmate to infiltrate the Phoenix Complex as a “lab technician” and kill every agent inside.

Lucas Till (Angus “Mac” MacGyver)
George Eads (Jack Dalton)
Justin Hires (Wilt Bozer)
Tristin Mays (Riley Davis)
Meredith Eaton (Matty Webber)

David Dastmalchian (Murdoc)
William Mapother (“The Client”/Daniel Holt)
Mark A. Sheppard (Fake Dr. Zito)
Kate Bond (Deidre)
Farshad Farahat (Farhad)
Aina Dumlao (Andie Lee)
Troy Rudeseal (Dr. Zito)
Adam Roby Southard (EMT)
Jeff Wolfe (Guard)

STORY BY: Executive Producers Craig O’Neill and David Slack
TELEPLAY BY: Executive Producer Peter Lenkov
DIRECTED BY: Christine Moore

Series: MacGyver Season 1 Episode 21
Airdate: Friday 14 April 2017 at 8.00pm on CBS

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