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Mad About Alice: Sick as a Parrot (S1EP4 BBC One 16 Feb 2003, Billy Hill)



Sick as a Parrot: Alice’s plans for Joe’s birthday get hi-jacked by Doug, and Alice finds herself lumbered with a psychotic parrot that can hold a grudge.

Regular Cast: Amanda Holden (Alice), Jamie Theakston (Doug), John Gordon Sinclair (Ted)

Guest Cast: Debra Stephenson (Kate), Billy Hill (Joe), Dan Clark

Writer: Paul Waite / Director: Gareth Carrivick

Airdate: 16 Feb 2003 on BBC One

Series: Mad About Alice Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: Sitcom. Interior designer Alice and her ex-husband Doug are separated but still have feelings for each other as their lives continue to intertwine whenever he visits to see their young son.