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Madam Secretary: Leaving the Station (Series finale S6EP10 CBS Sun 8 Dec 2019)



Leaving the Station: President Elizabeth McCord kicks off a new landmark political initiative with help from members of the World Cup Champion U.S. Women’s Soccer team, while Flo Avery (Cicely Tyson), who was born the day women were granted the right to vote, looks on. Opposing the initiative is Senator Amy Ross (Tyne Daley) from Ohio. Also, the McCords overcome last-minute obstacles to pull off a spectacular family celebration with a reunion of familiar faces, that includes a performance by Peter Frampton, on the series finale.

Téa Leoni (Elizabeth McCord)
Tim Daly (Henry McCord)
Zeljko Ivanek (Russell Jackson)
Patina Miller (Daisy Grant)
Erich Bergen (Blake Moran)
Kevin Rahm (Mike B.)
Wallis Currie Wood (Stevie McCord)

Will Adams (Eric Stoltz)
Evan Roe (Jason McCord)
Francis Jue (Chinese Foreign Minister Chen)

Tyne Daly (Senator Amy Ross)
Cicely Tyson (Flo Avery)
Peter Frampton (Himself)
Ali Kreiger (Herself)
Allie Long (Herself)
Ashlyn Harris (Herself)
Crystal Dunn (Herself)
Keith Carradine (Conrad Dalton)
Sebastian Arcelus (Jay Whitman)
Geoffrey Arend (Matt Mahoney)
Kathrine Herzer (Alison McCord)
Linda Emond (Carol Jackson)
Sabina Zúñiga Varela (Angela Lopez)
Tracee Chimo Pallero (Nina Cummings)
Masha King (Talia Petrov)
Will Harrison (Zach Barnow)
Jose Zúñiga (Carlos Morejon)
Roe Hartrampf (Trevor Kingston)
Sam Breslin Wright (Dylan Larsen)
Mark Puchinsky (Vlad)
Emiliano Díez (General Julio Diaz)
Beth Dixon (Maggie)
Chris Petrovski (Dmitri Petrov)
Melissa Denise Lopez (Secret Service Agent)
Bruce Sabath (Frank Corlent)
Marilyn Sterner (ASL Interpreter)
Emelyn Daly (Sarah McCord)

WRITTEN BY: Executive Producer and Creator Barbara Hall
DIRECTED BY: Executive Producer Eric Stoltz

Airdate: Sunday 8 December 2019 at 10.30pm on CBS.

Season 6, Episode 10