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Madame Bovary: Lost Love (S1EP3 BBC One 6 Oct 1975, John Cater)



Lost Love: Emma has a passionate affair with a patient of her husband but it ends with her getting unceremoniously dumped.

Show Info: Francesca Annis and Tom Conti star in this acclaimed UK miniseries adaptation of Gustave Flaubert’s classic tale of one woman’s attempts to mold her own unfulfilling life in the shape of her favorite romantic novels.

Cast: Francesca Annis (Emma Bovary), Ray Smith (Homais), Gabrielle Lloyd (Felicite), Tom Conti (Charles), David Waller (Friar Bournisien), Brian Stirner (Leon), Denis Lill (Rodolphe), John Cater (Lheureux), John Tordoff, Michael Poole, Bernard Taylor, James Bree

Writer: Giles Cooper / Director: Rodney Bennett

Airdate: 6 Oct 1975

Series: Madame Bovary Season 1 Episode 3