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Maelstrom: An Ill Wind (S1EP1 BBC One 5 Feb 1985, Paul Darrow)



An Ill Wind: Why did a drowned millionaire leave a fortune to a woman he never knew? To find the answer Catherine Durrell sets out on the journey of a lifetime.

Show Info: A millionaire leaves his fortune to an unknown woman, Catherine Durell, who travels to Norway to take over her newly inherited property. Soon, she finds herself caught in a maelstrom of murder and terror.

Cast: Tusse Silberg (Catherine Durrell), David Beames (Anders Bjornson), Susan Gilmore (Anna Marie Jordahl), Christopher Scoular (Lars Nilsen), Edita Brychta (Ingrid Nilsen), Peter Tuddenham (Bjarna Langua), Paul Darrow (Oliver Bridewell), Trevor Baxter (Doctor Albrigtsen), John Rowe, John Abineri, Lorna Lewis

Writer: Michael J. Bird / Director: David Maloney

Airdate: 5 Feb 1985

Series: Maelstrom Season 1 Episode 1