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Maelstrom: Shadows (S1EP2 BBC One 12 Feb 1985, Ann Todd)



Maelstrom BBC 1985

Shadows: ‘Stay out of the channel between the farmhouse and the island’. But for Catherine Durrell the enigma of the ghostly island poses questions that must be answered.

Show Info: A millionaire leaves his fortune to an unknown woman, Catherine Durell, who travels to Norway to take over her newly inherited property. Soon, she finds herself caught in a maelstrom of murder and terror.

Cast: Tusse Silberg (Catherine Durrell), David Beames (Anders Bjornson), Susan Gilmore (Anna Marie Jordahl), Christopher Scoular (Lars Nilsen), Edita Brychta (Ingrid Nilsen), Ann Todd (Astrid Linderman), Sheelah Wilcocks (Gerda)

Writer: Michael J. Bird / Director: David Maloney

Airdate: 12 Feb 1985

Series: Maelstrom Season 1 Episode 2