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Maggie And Her: Good Old Saturday Night (S2EP2 ITV 29 Apr 1979, Olivia Breeze)



Good Old Saturday Night: Maggie is being wooed by many different men, but Mrs P’s involvement puts a spanner in the works.

Regular Cast: Julia McKenzie (Maggie), Irene Handl (Mrs. P.)

Guest Cast: John Kane, Olivia Breeze, Steve Fletcher, John Fowler, Judith Jacob, Sally Watkins

Writer: Leonard Webb / Director: John Reardon

Airdate: 29 Apr 1979 on ITV

Series: Maggie And Her Season 2 Episode 2

Show Info: Sitcom. Divorced schoolteacher Maggie has to cope with her elderly but very nosy neighbour Mrs Perry, who is determined to set her up with a new ‘fella’. Made by London Weekend Television for the ITV Network.