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Maggie And Her: Mr. Right (S1EP3 ITV 20 Jan 1978, Carol Gillies)



Mr. Right: Maggie meets an attractive and amusing man, but is constantly pestered by an ill Mrs P. She then discovers that her dream man is already involved with someone, but goes ahead with a dinner date anyway, hoping he will succumb to her charms.

Regular Cast: Julia McKenzie (Maggie), Irene Handl (Mrs. P.)

Guest Cast: Carol Gillies (Miss Cartwright), Eric Flynn

Writer: Leonard Webb / Director: David Askey

Airdate: 20 Jan 1978 on ITV

Series: Maggie And Her Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: Sitcom. Divorced schoolteacher Maggie has to cope with her elderly but very nosy neighbour Mrs Perry, who is determined to set her up with a new ‘fella’. Made by London Weekend Television for the ITV Network.