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The Main Chance: Body and Soul (ITV 25 June 1969)



In Body and Soul the father of a young girl attacked in the park takes matters into his own hands against the attacker and is then accused of assault and grevious bodily harm. The man, George Jargrave, just happens to be Sidney Bulmer’s son-in-law. David is determined to do everything he can to help naturally. Hargrave did beat the man badly but the man is claiming to be totally innocent and Main knows he needs to pile emotional pressure on the jury if he is to get the result he wants.

Margaret is also spending time at the London office, meeting the staff and helping out where needed.

Meanwhile Peter Findon has to try and extricate a pop singer from his troublesome contract with his American manager. Cue some nicely dodgy scenes inside a Soho drinking den and Findon proclaiming to prefer Mozart to rock.

In the first two seasons Bulmer was Main’s chief investigator, more sedate and by the book than his replacement Walter Clegg but a good presence nonetheless.

Despite allowing David in to pick up his dinner jacket Julia is determined to go ahead with divorce proceedings and has hired a private detective to try and catch David out in an affair with Sarah (at this stage though their relationship is purely business.)

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 25 June 1969 at 9.00pm.

Writer: Edmund Ward / Director: Christopher Hodson

Series: The Main Chance Season 1 Episode 2

John Stride as David Main
Kate O’Mara as Julia Main
Anna Palk as Sarah Courtenay
John Arnatt as Sidney Bulmer
Philip Bond as Peter Findon
Margaret Ashcroft as Margaret Castleton
Liz Bamber as Priscilla Graves
John Normington as George Hargrave
Carol Gotell as Hargrave’s Daughter
Walter Gotell as Gilbert Fletcher
Frank Barrie as Richard Pryce-Hartley
Murray Evans as Mort Harper
Victor Brooks as Police Sergeant
Noel Hood as Aunt Harriet
Ballard Berkeley as Major Dibbyn
Michael Hall as Prosecuting barrister
Georgine Anderson as Mrs Kellaway
Frank Sieman as Jury Foreman
John Graham as Roy Sanderson
Morris Parsons as Park keeper
Tony Caunter as Harry Rowlands
Austin Trevor as Judge
Peter Thompson as Clerk of the court
Trevor Lawrence as Ziggy
John Crocker as Oliver Griffith
Geoffrey Denton as Chairman of the magistrates court
Wendy Johnson as Mrs Fletcher
David Strong as Tout