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The Main Chance: Fit-Up (ITV 16 Aug 1972, Tessa Wyatt)



In Fit-Up Walter persuades David to take on the case of Malcolm Evans who has been accused of robbery, his girlfriend Joey is convinced that Malcolm is being fitted-up by dodgy copper Lampeter.

Malcolm refuses to say where he was on the night in question but the real reason he can’t say where he was on the night is that he was actually part of a team planning another job.

David and Walter are the only two regular cast members to appear in this episode and there is a great showdown between the two in Clegg’s office when David makes it plain just why he hates taking on criminal cases.

Tessa Wyatt The Main Chance Fit Up

Tessa Wyatt played Joey Richards.

Another strong script from Ray Jenkins, who was pretty busy during the 1970’s writing for shows such as The Brothers and The Sweeney as well as seven episodes of this series.

Clifford Davis in The Daily Mirror (Wednesday 16 August 1972) offered up a short preview of the episode: Malcom Evans (played by Peter Winter) has a genuine alibi when he is arrested for taking part in an armed wage snatch in tonight’s edition of The Main Chance (ITV 9.00). But although he is innocent, he knows if he puts his alibi forward in his defence he will incriminate someone else. David Main agrees to defend young Evans, but is handicapped by his refusal to supply details of his alibi. Even Malcolm’s girlfriend (Tessa Wyatt) can’t persuade him to save himself.

classic quote
“This man, Malcolm Evans, he’s not innocent, he’s a criminal among criminals”

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 16 August 1972 at 9.00pm

Writer: Ray Jenkins / Production Design: Alan Pickford / Director: John Frankau

The Main Chance Season 3 Episode 11

John Stride as David Main
Glynn Edwards as Walter Clegg
Scott Forbes as Detective Inspector Lampeter
Peter Winter as Malcolm Evans
Tessa Wyatt as Joey Richards
John Plume as Tony Evans
Kathleen St John as Mrs Cullen
John Horsley as Magistrate