The Main Chance: A Man I Know To Be Innocent (ITV 9 Nov 1970, Robin Ellis)

In A Man I Know To Be Innocent Margaret takes on a legal aid case in which the attractive young Donald Gordon Hopwood has been accused of selling drugs. Convinced of his innocence Margaret is very quickly swept off her feet and even becomes romantically involved with him. But is Hopgood playing games, not just with the truth but with Margaret’s feelings.

John Stride doesn’t appear in this episode which is a mark of how confident the show is of it’s skills that the lead can confidently not appear and not be missed.

A stand out episode of the season for Margaret Ashcroft fans, she is centre stage throughout the episode as she lets her heart rule over her head for once. So much so that she even puts her career potentially on the line. The highlight is the charismatic performance from Robin Ellis. Bags of charm but you are never sure how much of it is an act.

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classic quote
“I haven’t changed sides Superintendent, I’m still working for the law.” – Sidney Bulmer to Chief Superintendent Grover who is in charge of the Hopwood case and thinks Bulmer has gone over to the other side.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 9 November 1970 at 8.30pm

Writer: John Malcolm / Production design: Roger Chevely / Director: Christopher Hodson

Series: The Main Chance Season 2 Episode 9

Margaret Ashcroft as Margaret Castleton
John Wentworth as Henry Castleton
John Arnatt as Sidney Bulmer
Robin Ellis as Donald Gordon Hopwood
John Turner as Acting Supt Grover
Guy Slater as Reginald Harris
John Humphrey as Harvey Lingwood
Robert Raglan as Judge
Michael Cooper as Tom Withers
John Allison as John Howard
Arch Taylor as Warrant officer

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