The Main Chance: A View from the Chair (ITV 19 Oct 1970)

In A View from the Chair David decides to help a mother, Mrs Elliott with three kids whose husband has walked out and left her in dire straits. He wants Peter Findon to handle the Legal Aid case but Findon is unimpressed.

Peter is getting bored dealing with what he considers “humdrum” cases and tells David that he wants a partnership, sooner rather than later, who will strike out on his own. David tells him quite plainly that it is “too early and too greedy.”

Meanwhile David and Sarah head to Yorkshire when his father, a fellow solicitor for a supermarket chain, falls foul of the Law Society because of what is seen as heavy handed dealing of shoplifters. He is even illegally taking fingerprints of suspected shoplifters and lots of other personal information to build up his own database.

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A rare glimpse into Main’s family life. He has a very bristly relationship with his father and seldom sees him. David also very quickly loses his temper with his father because he doesn’t see that what he is doing is wrong.

Thanks to a mix-up at the hotel David and Sarah have to share a room. Neither are complaining and it marks the moment the pair drift into a full blown affair. “It had to happen sometime” says a somewhat smug David.

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Ronald Radd pops up in two season four episodes World of Silence and Payment By Result, this time though as Lord Arkwright.

Margaret and Henry don’t appear in this episode.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 19 October 1970 at 8.30pm

Writer: Edmund Ward / Production Design: Tom Carter / Director: Marc Miller

Series: The Main Chance Season 2 Episode 6

John Stride as David Main
Anna Palk as Sarah Courtney
John Arnatt as Sidney Bulmer
Philip Bond as Peter Findon
Pat Heywood as Mrs Elliott
Laurence Hardy as Edward Main
Ronald Radd as Joseph Elvin
Noel Dyson as Janet Harrison
Hilary Mason as Agnes McLaren
Kenneth Edwards as Magistrate
John Harvey as Chief Superintendent Griffin

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