The Main Chance: Year of the Tiger (ITV 4 July 1975, Peter Gilmore)

In Year of the Tiger Laura is back and has £600,000 that she wants to invest and wants advice from David and fellow solicitor Andrew Redford. Laura is something of a conduit for the possible working relationship between himself and Redford.

Redford, whose practice is based in Shelborough, has handed David a case handling the divorce of a lady called Alison Murray who has grown estranged from her husband Tony. There is a fabulous five minute monologue from actress Phyllida Law as she drinks a glass of wine and records her thoughts on her marriage to help Main build his case.

Peter Gilmore makes his second appearance in the series (having appeared in season 2’s Vision of the Future where he played an architect). Gilmore had become a massive star thanks to his starring role in The Onedin Line but the series was taking a substantial break at this time. He is an import/exporter specialising in tractors, Alison wants half of every thing he has and is convinced that he has at least £30,000 in undeclared cash stashed away.

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David is still having trouble getting Walter off the hook, he has him temporarily working for private detective Peter Jarratt. At least until the appeal hearing – represented by Redford a strong case is made for Walter’s sentence to be quashed but it is only with an undertaking from Main to never employ Walter that the head of the tribunal agrees to the quashing. Where this actually leaves Walter remains to be seen.

Incidentally despite persuading Inge into his bed and into his employ last week she doesn’t appear at all in this episode which leaves the way open for Laura to make her move.

There were a couple of interesting snippets in the TV Times tying in with this week’s episode too. One a short piece about Glynn Edwards spending the summer with his family at a nudist camp in France! There was also a two page colour spread featuring John Stride trying out some trendy clothing. In the article he reveals that designer Peter Young and Stride’s wife April chose his clothes for the series for him.

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classic quote
“I know you’re over worked but for future reference I never use the US cavalry. I have a well deserved reputation for looking after myself.”

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 4 July 1975 at 9.00pm

Writer: Ray Jenkins / Production Design: Howard Dawson / Director: Michael Ferguson

Series: The Main Chance Season 4 Episode 11

John Stride as David Main
Glynn Edwards as Walter Clegg
Margaret Ashcroft as Margaret Castleton
John Wentworth as Henry Castleton
Ingrid Hafner as Laura Granton
Gary Bond as Andrew Redford
Denis Lill as Stephen Howard
Frederick Jaeger as Peter Jarratt
Phyllida Law as Alison Murray
Peter Gilmore as Tom Murray
Peter Ellis as Towers
Arnold Diamond as Trinbunal Chairman

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