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Malice Aforethought: Part 4 (S1EP4 BBC-2 5 Apr 1979, Thorley Walters)



Part 4: Though Dr Bickleigh has been arrested for Julia’s murder, the main evidence against him is his attempted poisoning of Madeleine and Chatford. Everything hinges on the potted-meat sandwiches.

Show Info: Period crime drama serial. In the 1930’s a small town doctor poisons his wife when she learns he is having an affair.

Cast: Hywel Bennett (Doctor Bickleigh), Cheryl Campbell (Madeleine), David Ashford (William Chatford), Belinda Carroll (Ivy Ridgeway), Vivienne Moore (Maid), Thorley Walters, Michael Aldridge, Douglas Barlow, Christopher Banks, Arnold Peters, Anthony Woodruff, Brian Jameson, Derrick Fincham, Frank Duncan, Peter Mann, Noel Johnson, Antony Brown, Richard Martin, William Fox

Writer: Philip Mackie / Director: Cyril Coke

Airdate: 5 Apr 1979

Series: Malice Aforethought Season 1 Episode 4