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Man About the House: Another Bride Another Groom (S6EP7 ITV 7 Apr 1976, with Daphne Oxenford)



Another Bride Another Groom: It’s time for Chrissy and Norman to get married, Chrissy Plummer will be Mrs. Chrissy Tripp soon. Robin bakes a monster cake as Jo, the Ropers, Larry and friends celebrate. However, this can’t be all good can it? Something bad is bound to happen. Chrissy is finally married and off to be with her new groom as the series come to the end, and is survived by George and Mildred about the Ropers moving away, and Robin’s Nest about Robin’s new life with his girlfriend Vicky.

guest cast
Doug Fisher (Larry Simmonds), Norman Eshley (Norman Tripp), Leslie Sands (Mr. Tripp), Daphne Oxenford (Mrs. Plummer), Hilda Kriseman (Mrs. Tripp), Dennis Ramsden (Registrar), Glyn Edwards (Mr. Plummer)

Airdate: 7 April 1976 on ITV.

Season 6 Episode 7

Series: Man About The House