Man At The Top: A Very Desirable Property (ITV 12 June 1972)

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In A Very Desirable Property Joe is once again out of work but he is back with Susan, he is scheming though to get back at MacLaines who let him go. Susan is looking for a house in London but Joe, as part of his plot against MacLaines, has bought the option on a mill factory in Leeds knowing that MacLaine needs it to expand his operations. In the process though he manages to do over old friend Charlie Armitage.

Joe is back to his scheming best in this second episode, working hard to ensure that he comes out on top once again, buying the option on the Mill is a great slice of one upmanship over MacLaine and by the episodes end manages to find himself working . Watch out for some slightly dodgy set design work when Joe is trying to rescue Charlie Armitage from a fire by kicking in a heavy door and the whole wall wobbles. There is a typically brilliant guest appearance from Colin Welland too as Armitage.

classic quote
“I’ve not just come up the Thames on me mam’s piano.”

production details
UK | ITV Network – Thames

RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes | AIRDATE: 12 June 1972

WRITERS: Tom Brennand, Roy Bottomley | DIRECTOR: Jim Goddard

Man At The Top Season Two Episode Two

KENNETH HAIGH as Joe Lampton
ZENA WALKER as Susan Lampton
COLIN WELLAND as Charlie Armitage
JAMES MAXWELL as Bernard MacLaine
SANDRA PAYNE as Janet Adams
WENDY GIFFORD as Alison Gowling
PAUL SHELLEY as Mike Slater

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