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Man At The Top: Join The Human Race (ITV 18 Jan 1971, Gabrielle Drake)



In Join The Human Race Joe’s business partner Teddy Soames is having an affair with his young secretary, Fiona, he is convinced he is in love with her and makes plans to divorce his wife (who already has her suspicions), Joe though is determined not to let that happen as it plans to scupper a major deal Lampton and Soames are about to pull off. However a dinner party for the “Redroe” contract doesn’t quite happen as planned. Meanwhile Susan appears to be getting friendly with a new man who is not all he seems…

The first episode not written by John Braine and one where Joe’s partner Teddy is the centre of attention. There is a good role for the gorgeous Gabrielle Drake as his secretary/lover and some interesting developments within the business side of Lampton and Soames with the arrival of Ian Somerset.

Good scene where Susan tells Joe about the lunch she had with a man and he is immediately all ears and of course extremely hipocritical and Somerset is set to have a major impact on the next few episodes.

classic quote
“They’re great these things, you go in dirty and you come out clean, wish it was the same for people.”
“everyone’s got problems, join the human race”

production details
UK / ITV Network – Thames / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 18 January 1971

Writer: David Weir / Production Design: Stan Woodward, Patrick Downing / Director: Voytek

Man At The Top Season One Episode Five

guest cast
JAMES DONNELLY as Teddy Soames
COLETTE O’NEIL as June Soames
KEVIN COLSON as Ian Somerset
BERNARD ARCHARD as Joshua Redroe
SYLVESTER MORAND as Ralph Richards