Man At The Top: Nobody Gets In My Way (ITV 26 June 1972)

In Nobody Gets In My Way Joe has his hands full with making sure that promising scientist Kate Fielding stays with the research development side of Maclaine’s. Old mucker Charlie Armitage is back in London trying to tempt her away to work for his company and has a real weapon in his armoury in knowing that Maclaine’s don’t want to use Fielding’s valuable research but just want to stop others profiting from it.

Meanwhile Susan’s friend Alison Gowling calls upon Joe’s help to get her out of trouble with a business deal – she has invested money in a fashion design business that is run by her latest “affair” – when Joe learns that Susan has also lent her money to invest in the project he hits the roof and deals with the problem in his own inimitable fashion telling Alison’s husband exactly what is going on.

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Nobody Gets In My Way features yet more classic Lampton, he manages to sleep with two different women in this episode and then does the dirty on both of them, sending Fielding off on a jaunt around the world’s trouble spots as part of her research and completely spoils things for Alison Gowling by breaking up her marriage. Very harsh but once again Joe gets what he wants.

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classic quote
“The only reason I’m not kicking you in the teeth Charlie is I’m frightened of losing my foot”

production details
UK | ITV Network – Thames

RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes | AIRDATE: 26 June 1972

WRITERS: Roy Bottomley, Tom Brennand | DIRECTOR: Don Leaver

Series: Man At The Top / Season Two Episode Four

KENNETH HAIGH as Joe Lampton
WENDY GIFFORD as Alison Gowling
KEITH BUCKLEY as Howard Wickham
PAUL EDDINGTON as Clive Kempson
COLIN WELLAND as Charlie Armitage
HILARY DWYER as Kate Fielding
BRIDGET BRICE as Secretary

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