Man At The Top: It’s All Perfectly True (ITV 21 Dec 1970)

In It’s All Perfectly True Susan is getting over a miscarriage which prompts a visit from the in-laws. Susan is concerned to discover that her father has been interfering in Joe’s business by using his contacts to make sure he gets preferential treatment. Joe’s latest contract means he need to spend a lot of time with the company’s managing director, who just happens to be a single woman and very attractive.

A good strong episode for Zena Walker with Joe more on the sidelines, Haigh does a fabulous job at looking like he has had slightly too much to drink. The best scene is an argument between Susan and Joe in the middle of the night (Joe has just returned home from a night out) when Susan spills the beans about her father recommending him to Gilberts. Good to see a rare straight guest role for the fab Hugh Paddick too.

production details
UK / ITV Network – Thames / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 21 December 1970

Writer: John Braine / Production Design: Stan Woodward, Patrick Downing / Director: Mike Vardy

Man At The Top Season One Episode Two

guest cast
MARK DIGNAM as Abe Brown
AVICE LANDON as Margaret Brown
HUGH PADDICK as Larry Silvington
SHIRLEY CAIN as Lottie Dromgan
RICHARD SIMPSON as Peter Dromgan

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