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Man At The Top: The Prime Of Life (ITV 11 Jan 1971, Katy Manning)



Prime of Life

There are problems at home in the fourth episode of the series The Prime of Life, Susan thinks their 15 year old son Harry might be up to mischief but it turns out he has a girl friend in the shape of pretty 18 year old Julia. When she meets Joe though she decides a relationship with a much older man might be in order. Joe of course is never one to look a gift horse in the mouth but what is serious for Julia is just a bit of fun for Joe.

A more family less business centered episode, Katy Manning looks gorgeous as Julia, who turns both Joe and Harry’s heads, the whole supporting cast is quite interesting with a minor role for a very young Michael Kitchen as Harry’s school friend Trevor and Mark McManus giving us one of his dodgy accents again as a cockney paramour of Julia’s.

There is also a fabulous scene where Joe, having just had his way with Julia makes it plain just how it is and why he won’t be seeing her again.

classic quote
“do you think I was born middle aged?”
“what I want is comforts, I want to see my wife and children everyday, you’re a bit of crumpet…. I’m going home”

production details
UK / ITV Network – Thames / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 11 January 1971

Writer: John Braine / Production Design: Stan Woodward, Patrick Downing / Director: James Gatward

Man At The Top Season One Episode Four

guest cast
KATY MANNING as Julia Dungarvon
MARK McMANUS as Dennis Rosslea
PETER BETON as Jerry Bodine
TERESA WHITE as Bank Cashier