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Manchild: Jealousy (S1EP4 BBC Two 12 Mar 2002)



Jealousy: Terry struggles to deal with his ex-wife’s handsome new boyfriend, but matters are made worse when he discovers the identity of his own girlfriend’s new lover and Patrick is forced to make the most painful decision of his life…

Cast: Nigel Havers (Terry), Ray Burdis (Gary), Anthony Stewart Head (James), Don Warrington (Patrick),

Writer: Nick Fisher / Director: David Evans

Airdate: 12 Mar 2002 on BBC Two

Series: Manchild Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: Stockbroker Terry, art expert Patrick, orthodontist James and decking supremo Gary have been friends since their schooldays. Now, having all reached the age of 50, they are intent on reliving the freedom of their youth, buying hip new clothes and dating beautiful younger women, but despite their best efforts, the concerns of middle-age still catch up with them.