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Manimal: Breath of the Dragon (S1EP7 NBC 10 Dec 1983, George Cheung)



Breath of the Dragon: Jonathan, Brooke and Ty must stop a criminal who extorts money from businesses in China Town while posing as a superstitious icon known as The Dragon. TRANSFORMATIONS: a hawk, a bull and a black panther.

Regular Cast: Simon MacCorkindale (Johnathon Chase), Melody Anderson (Brooke McKenzie), Reni Santoni (Lt Rivera), Michael D. Roberts (Tyrone ‘Ty’ Earl)

Guest Cast: George Cheung (Kwan/The Dragon), Marion Kodama Yue (Mary Tan), Rummel Mor (Bobby Tan), James Hong (Grandfather Tan), Peter Kwong (Moto), Lloyd Kino (Mr. Chang), Rana Ford (Girl), Edy Roberts (Girl), Deborah Bean (Mrs. Evans), Frank Moon (Mr. Evans), Richard Lee Sung (Pit Boss), John Mahon (Man), Nathan Jung (Tang), Lew Horn (Trout), Su-San Cheung (Dealer), Yung H. Sun (Merchant #1), Gerald Jann (Vendor)

Writer: Joseph Gunn / Director: Leslie H. Martinson

Airdate: 10 Dec 1983 on NBC

Series: Manimal Season 1 Episode 7

Show Info: Scifi drama series. Criminologist Jonathan Chase is able to transform himself into any animal he chooses. He uses his powers to catch criminals. The series aired on NBC from 30 Sep – 17 Dec 1983 and lasted for the pilot and 7 hour long episodes.