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Manimal: High Stakes (S1EP5 NBC 4 Nov 1983, Michael D. Roberts)



High Stakes: When a horse trainer recognizes her stolen horse in a race, Jonathan helps her try and recover it. TRANSFORMATIONS – a hawk, a black panther, and a horse.

Regular Cast: Simon MacCorkindale (Johnathon Chase), Melody Anderson (Brooke McKenzie), Reni Santoni (Lt Rivera), Michael D. Roberts (Tyrone ‘Ty’ Earl)

Guest Cast: Peter Brown (Carl McGhan), Tracy Scoggins (Kathy Bonann), Thomas Babson, Gela Jacobson (Lisa Kelly), David Sheiner (Sheldon Greentree), Donald Bishop (Steward), Ed Gerrabrandt (Krebs), David K. Johnston (Assistant #2), James Ingersoll (Lyle Wittinton), Nick Konakas (Assistant #1), Fred S. Scott (Vet), Lew Horn (Harold Trout), Cynthia Frost (Woman)

Writer: Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz / Director: Sidney Hayers

Airdate: 4 Nov 1983 on NBC

Series: Manimal Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info: Scifi drama series. Criminologist Jonathan Chase is able to transform himself into any animal he chooses. He uses his powers to catch criminals. The series aired on NBC from 30 Sep – 17 Dec 1983 and lasted for the pilot and 7 hour long episodes.