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Manimal: Manimal (S1EP1 NBC 30 Sep 1983, Ursula Andress)



Manimal: When a group of thieves devise a plan to hijack a shipment of nerve gas, Detective Brooke Mackenzie must stop them. She teams up with Dr. Jonathan Chase, a man that knows the secrets that divide man and animal and who is trained in an African technique that allows him to change into different animal forms. TRANSFORMATIONS – a hawk and a black panther.

Regular Cast: Simon MacCorkindale (Johnathon Chase), Melody Anderson (Brooke McKenzie), Reni Santoni (Lt Rivera), Michael D. Roberts (Tyrone ‘Ty’ Earl)

Guest Cast: Ursula Andress (Karen Jade), Gerald Berns (Lieutenant Griggs), Lloyd Bochner (Jordon), Michael Gregory (Kramer), Terry Kiser, Ed Lauter (Colonel Hunt), Floyd Levine (Murdock), George Loros (Hollister), Talbot Perry Simons (Taxi Driver/Bomber), Robert Carricart (Old Man), Avner Garbi (Sheik?), Del Hinkley, Ed Hooks, Wynn Irwin, Elias Jacob (Sheik?), Don Knight, James Lough (Guard), Cynthia Mayberry (Mrs. Thatcher), Richard Minchenberg (Jerry Harker), Lara Parker, John Quade, Hadi Sadjadi (Interpreter), Le Tuan (Viet-Cong Officer)

Writer: Glen A. Larson and Donald R. Boyle / Director: Russ Mayberry

Airdate: 30 Sep 1983 on NBC

Series: Manimal Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Scifi drama series. Criminologist Jonathan Chase is able to transform himself into any animal he chooses. He uses his powers to catch criminals. The series aired on NBC from 30 Sep – 17 Dec 1983 and lasted for the pilot and 7 hour long episodes.