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Marcus Welby, M.D.: The Daredevil Gesture (S1EP24 ABC 17 Mar 1970, Ronne Troup)



The Daredevil Gesture: Larry Bellows, a teenager with a dangerous blood disorder, risks his life to rescue a comnpanion who has fallen down a ravine.

The director of this episode is none other than a young Steven Spielberg.

Robert Young as Marcus Welby
James Brolin as Steven Kiley
Elena Verdugo as Consuelo Lopez
Marsha Hunt as Mrs Bellows
Frank Webb as Larry Bellows
Ronne Troup as Ginny Peteson
Susan Albert as Claudia Bellows
Bill Fletcher as Mr Beeman
Peter Hobbs as Mr Craddock
Richard Dillon as Harv
Robert Heinz as Neil

Director: Steven Spielberg
Writers: Jerome Ross

Airdate: 1970-03-17

Season 1, Episode 24