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Mark Kermode's Secrets Of Cinema 5 Part Series Premieres 17 Jul on BBC-4Mark Kermode's Secrets Of Cinema 5 Part Series Premieres 17 Jul on BBC-4


Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema: Horror Season Finale 14 Aug on BBC-4



In this fifth and final episode Mark Kermode examines the Horror genre.

Horror films confront us with our deepest fears – how would it be to find your child possessed by the devil, be surrounded by flesh eating zombies, afraid to sleep because of the monster that comes to you in your dreams, or find yourself trapped in a lonely motel with a murderous owner?

Why do we like to be scared? And how do filmmakers go about the business of terrifying us? Mark has a particular passion for this genre and a long-standing fascination with these questions.

In this episode, Mark will travel to some of the darkest, but most creative, corners of cinema and shine a light on the techniques and conventions that give horror movies their unique power.

And Mark won’t just offer his take on the classics like Psycho and The Exorcist but marvel at how films such as the recent smash Get Out and a new generation of female directors continue to push the possibilities of the genre.

Airdate:14 August 2018 on BBC-4

Season 1, Episode 5

With:Mark Kermode


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