Married At First Sight Australia “Season 10 Episode 4” (E4 Thursday 9 March 2023)



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Married At First Sight Australia airs a new episode tonight Thursday 9 March 2023 on E4.

“Season 10 Episode 4” Two more sets of happy newlyweds have now taken their places at the altar. At the altar, Caitlin and Shannon hit it off immediately; Shannon is smitten by Caitlin’s vivacity and exuberance, while Caitlin is charmed by Shannon’s easygoing demeanor, wit, and cheekiness. The bridal party of Alyssa and Duncan is next to enter the ceremony. Alyssa is deeply rooted in her Mormon faith and the importance of family, both of which she learned about while growing up in Utah. Duncan, her ideal match, is on the hunt for an intense emotional connection and the chance to live out a Hollywood love story. They are instantaneously head over heels in love as they see each other for the first time at the altar.

Airdate: Thursday 9 March 2023 at 7.30pm on E4.

Season 10 Episode 4

Featured Image Credit: E4

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