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Marry Go Round Premieres Saturday September 20 on Hallmark



Marry Go Round

In Marry Go Round, after graduating from high school, Abby Foster and Luke Walker got married for a brief period of time. Years later, Abby is a prosperous executive who is getting married to Edward Timsdale (Zak Santiago from “Peacemaker”) and moving to Paris. Her life appears to be perfect in every way. That is, until she receives a letter informing Luke that her divorce is not quite final.

When Abby returns to her hometown for a court hearing, she runs into Luke and finds out right away that he has no plans to end their divorce any time soon. Abby’s mother Emily (Mary-Beth Manning, “Black Monday”) finally shares a secret with her daughter that explains what actually transpired all those years ago. Now Abby must decide what to do. Will she stick to the plan when she thought her life was so perfect or will she face the truth about how she has felt about Luke her entire life?

Cast: Amanda Schull (Abby Foster), Brennan Elliott (Luke Walker)

Ryan M. Murphy is the executive producer with producer Ron French along with co-producer Ben Mallin. The movie is written by Robert Tate Miller and directed by David Weaver.

Airdate: Saturday September 10, 2022 at 8.00pm on Hallmark.