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Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia Final Episode airs on ITV 24 Jan 2017



Islands of Australia

The third and final episode of Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia airs on ITV on Tuesday 24 January at 8.00pm.

In the final part, Martin begins the next part of his journey on Mundoo Island. Located in the mouth of Australia’s longest river, the Murray, it is an island farm. Its unique combination of succulent saltmarsh plants and life giving fresh water make it ideal for beef cattle.

Mundoo Island has provided shelter and a way of life for five generations of one farming family: the Grundys. Rob Virgo, an 79-year-old cowboy from Adelaide, who regularly lends a hand, shows Martin the ropes.

Hard work by the Grundys has brought the island back from the brink of oblivion. From the coastline of the state of Victoria, Martin crosses a 2,000 feet-long bridge to Phillip Island, one of Australia’s favourite playgrounds. Then he heads south to King Island, in the blustery Bass Strait between Tasmania and mainland Australia. It bears the brunt of the fearsome trade winds from South America, and its shores are littered with one of the highest concentrations of shipwrecks in the continent. Martin meets Stephanus Pretorius, one of several resourceful islanders who make a living out of the bounty provided by the wild seas.

Martin completes his odyssey with a visit to see one of Australia’s most iconic creatures – the Tasmanian Devil.

Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia airs Tuesday 24 January from 8.00pm-9.00pm on ITV.



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