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Mary Makes it Easy “Living in the Past-a” (Food Network Sunday January 29 2023)



Mary Makes It Easy

Mary Makes it Easy airs a new episode tonight Sunday January 29 2023 on Food Network.

“Living in the Past-a” Mary Berg and her husband talk about how their appetites for Italian American chain restaurants during their time in quarantine inspired them to start having date nights at home. Mary makes a Classic Italian Restaurant Salad that drips with homemade Italian dressing and Stuffed Banana Peppers that are stuffed with meat and sausage and covered with herby tomato passata sauce, bringing back the charm of the checkered tablecloth.

Mary’s simplified Tiramisu contains thick layers of mascarpone cream with coffee and booze-soaked ladyfingers, and it can be made in advance with no effort. Not to mention the spaghetti! Mary’s shrimp-filled Fettucine Alfredo will have you singing, “That’s amore!”

Airdate: Sunday January 29 2023 at 12.00pm on Food Network.

Featured Image Credit: Food Network