MasterChef Australia: Elimination Challenge & Nigella’s Masterclass (S10EP14 BBC Three Friday 11 March 2022)



Elimination Challenge & Nigella’s Masterclass: Nigella week concludes with an Elimination Challenge and the first MasterClass from the judges.

The Elimination Challenge kicks off with a Taste Test. Contestants must identify as many ingredients as possible in a huge trifle. The five hopefuls with the fewest correct answers on their list go head-to-head in a cook-off to fight for their place in the competition. Some contestants shine and delight the judges, but for one unlucky cook, their disastrous dish is the end of the road.

In the MasterClasses, Nigella and George create a beef and aubergine fatteh. Matt takes the contestants to the Middle East with his take on roasted cauliflower, while Gary plates up an Indian dish: samosas with mango and coriander chutney. For dessert, Nigella whips up a ginger and walnut carrot cake.

Airdate: Friday 11 March 2022 at 7.00pm on BBC Three.

Season 10 Episode 14

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