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McDonald & Dodds: The Man Who Wasn’t There – Season 2 Premiere (S2EP1 ITV Sun 28 Feb 2021)



The Man Who Wasn’t There: Barbara, Mick, Gordon and Jackie were rising stars in the 1980s who went on to have high profile careers. Now living in Bath together, there are secrets from the past which could threaten their comfortable existences.

On a surprise day out, the four friends are joined by their other housemate Frankie on a surprise hot air balloon trip. As they ascend above beautiful Bath, disaster strikes and suddenly the balloon lurches out of control. Panic rises and as the basket strains under the weight of the group, it dawns on them that they can’t all survive.

As the balloon crash lands onto the meadow in Bath’s Royal Crescent, it’s revealed that Frankie is not there – has he died in the ultimate act of sacrifice for his friends, or was he pushed?

Arriving on the scene, DCI McDonald and DS Dodds are joined by Roy Gilbert from the Air Incident Investigation Agency.

Roy sets to work, investigating the accident with as much precision as Dodds but McDonald finds her new co-worker a difficult and unwelcome addition to the team. Under Houseman’s ever critical glare, the pressure mounts on McDonald and Dodds to uncover what really happened up in the sky. As the suspects weave a web of half-truths and misdirections around McDonald, Dodds is drawn into a game of cat and mouse.

But who is puling the strings? Following a near death experience, McDonald and Dodds are finally able to lay to rest the ghosts from the past.

Cast list
DCI Lauren McDonald – TALA GOUVEIA
Chief Supt John Houseman – JAMES MURRAY
DC Milena Paciorkowski – LILY SACOFSKY
Barbara Graham – PATSY KENSIT
Mick Elkins – MARTIN KEMP
Jackie Somner – CATHY TYSON
Gordon Elmwood – RUPERT GRAVES
Roy Gilbert – ROB BRYDON
Jason Greaves – VICTOR OSHIN
Ollie Greaves – FEMI NYLANDER
Frankie Marsh – VINCE LEIGH
Journalist – MIA MCCALLUM

Airdate: Sun 28 Feb 2021 at 8.00pm on ITV

Season 2 Episode 1